“The next”: Borrell (24.IX – 13.X.2010)


Jaume Borrell is a great friend of the Rusiñol Gallery. During the celebration of our 25th Anniversary we are very pleased to welcome his exhibition “La bellesa del que es vell” (“The beauty of what is old”).

«Borrell‘s great observation capacity is linked to his knowledge as to how to read the spirit of people, of a farm, of a street… and wrap it up with a poetic and vibrant singular atmosphere» (Josep Mª Cadena). The mastery and skill of this painter allow us to enjoy a very peculiar type of magic: the beauty of old age.

God willing, next FRIDAY, September 24th (19:30 h.) we shall take pleasure in having the artist Borrell, properly introduced to us by the art critic and reporter Josep Mª Cadena.

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