Inauguration of Kiku Poch (10th April 2015)

Kiku Poch —the well-known son of well-known painters— exhibited for the first time at the Rusiñol Gallery in 2011. It was very successful! Now, with his “Landscapes with sun and salt” he transports us again to Menorca and other Mediterranean regions. This inauguration has also been acclaimed by people and successful. This exhibition has left a kind of explosion of light and color in our Gallery. We have entered into spring!.

Mr. Josep M. Cadena often likes to begin talking about the “current status”. Concerning the current moment, «the situation isn’t good, but better than before». For this reason, while admiring the beauty of “Landscapes with sun and salt”, he says that «this painting anticipates… If we have worries, and when we look at these paintings we are filled with feelings of gratitude and oneness with nature».

«Nature is always with us» but, at the same time, man participates in the creation: there are the boats, the houses… which are in the landscapes that Kiku paints. Cadena concludes saying that all this transmits a certain feeling of eternity. «Here, you are so happy that time flies so fast that you don’t realize it. Congratulations to the person who will win the art note at today’s draw».

The artist is the son of the painters Poch Romeu and Josefina Ripoll. His father  was a landscape painter and his mother prefers still life and flowers. Kiku —with his highlighted figurative style— had his father as his master. He remembers all the times when father and son left to navigate with “Josefina”, the little boat that they had in Menorca. This fact marked him forever: «I consider art as something that has to enter intuitively through the eyes and has to explain all things that we are seeing».

Time for questions. —«Why the calm sea?». «I like it! The sea is calm because the landscapes are not in open sea, and I get inspired in summer. Moreover, the calmed water reflects all things which are in its environment» —«In which season?». —Spring and summer! Then the day is longer, the vegetation is lush… But, if there isn’t vegetation, then I put it there!». —«Do you paint in the open air or in the studio?». «Every time I paint more and more in the studio. Few times in the nature!, for there are always people, because you feel hot or cold, the light moves, etc. The more I have learned, the more I have been able to interpret from photography».


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